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    French Army 24hr Combat Ration  (Menu 6)


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    • Chili Con Carne
    • Pasta and Salmon Salad
    • Expires in 2020


    Mon, 01st January
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    Sat, 30th December
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    Product Description

    French Army 24 Combat Ration

    FRENCH RCIR's are completely precooked, self-contained foods, that require NO REFRIGERATION and can be heated INSTANTLY!
    EASY TO CARRY and use (Weight: ~4lbs/ 1.8kg) Long-term supplies (Every package has it's printed INSPECTION Date, but this is NOT an expiration date, RCIRs are good for years as long as they are stored in cool dry place)

    Every MENU has HIGH CALORIFIC VALUE of approx 3200 - 3400 kcal and is intended to provide all the nutritional needs for one French Army soldier for the whole day (24H pack - 3meals + many additional components)

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