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    British Operational Ration Menu 6


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    Product Description

    These rations are issued to British soldiers during their training and combat missions. Each ration comes with a complete breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each ration average weight is approximately 4 pounds, 30 oz and at least 3800+ calories. 


    Breakfast Main Meal Snacks Drinks Accessory Pack
    All Day Breakfast      Indonesian Style Spicy
    Rice with Pork
    Tomato & Pasta Salad
    Red Tabasco Sauce
    Ginger Pudding
    Cheese Spread
    Mixed Dried Fruits & Nougat
    Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa
    Just Nuts Mix
    Apple/Peach Fruit Puree
    Cranberry Cereal Bar
    Oatmeal Block
    Plum Jam
    Lemon Isotonic Drink
    Grapefruit Drink
    Tropical Drink
    Raspberry Drink
    Regular Hot Chocolate
    (2) Anti-bacterial wipes
    (2) Tea bags
    (4) Sugar
    (4) Beverage whiteners
    (3) Chewing Gum
    (6) Water purification tablets
    (2) Instant Coffee
    (1) Package of Waterproof matches
    (1) Sealable bag
    (1) Spork
    (1) Pack of Tissues


    NOTE: Actual items can be replaced with similar products depending on the factory.
    Replacement of additional food and other items are possible.  Packaging and weight can also be different. 

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