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    Russian FSB Single Meal Combat Ration


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    Product Description

    Russian FSB Military Ration.
    Designed specifically for FSB (Federal Security Service) soldiers.

    These single meal rations are issued to FSB soldiers during their exercise or when they are sent on a small mission.

    Each ration consist of the following,
    • 1x Main meal
    • 2x Packs of crackers
    • 1x Vegitable spread
    • 1x Apple sauce
    • 2x Tea
    • 1x Salt
    • 1x Pepper
    • 1x Portable heater
    • 1x Spoon
    • 2x Moist Towelettes
    • 1x Can opener
    Each meal has approximately, 1400 kcal.

    BBD: April, 2018

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